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Derma Roller Reviews For Cellulite

Derma rollers are rollers with 192 needles on them. They are used to roll on the skin to improve collagen production useful for the reversing of various skin disorders.

Treating Cellulite With Derma Roller

Cellulite is a condition where the skin in the abdomen, pelvic region and the legs develops dimples in what is commonly known as “orange peel syndrome”. A derma roller works by piercing your skin. Following the piercing, the body treats these holes as damage and therefore produces collagen to fill and repair the pierced holes. In the process of doing so, the body will also fill in the skin that is pitted and get rid of acne scar. Simply put, derma roller works by tricking the body to repair damages on the skin.

Skin-micro-needling through derma rolling is generally a common conventional procedure used to treat a cellulite condition. The procedure is sufficient to deal with cellulite. Once applied, anti cellulite creams efficiency is highly boosted. The cream is allowed to infiltrate the top skin layer which greatly enhances its effectiveness. The success of a derma roller while treating cellulite can be compared to its success with the infiltration of vitamin C into the body. The length of the needles should be about 1mm for an ordinary condition of cellulite commonly used at home. However, a severe case would require needles that are about 1.5mm long mostly during treatment conducted by professionals.

Safety With Derma Roller Needles

Derma rollers are safe to use while treating cellulite. However, this is mainly based on the needle size. Clinics use needles whose size is more than 1.5mm long as recommended on professional basis. Starters can use the 0.5mm needle. Some skin numbing would be needed for clinical size needles. Bigger needles produce good results while the smaller ones will take longer to do a similar job. It will hurt slightly while the skin will turn red following the use of a derma roller and subside in an hour’s time.

Achieving Results With Derma Rollers

The human body naturally renews itself every 40 days. However, derma roller stimulation produces quick and dramatic changes. Results are determined by the state of the condition and the extent to which the derma roller has been used. The use of gold cream and multivitamin tablets enhances the process and results can be realized faster. The derma roller can be used almost in every part of your body including the legs, hands, neck, abdomen, cheeks, near the eye and the thighs among other parts.